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Giorgi Ingorokva
Giorgi Ingorokva

Founder, General Director

My special feelings to wine have been with me since my childhood, wine and vine has become part of my daily life from early age, because every year, our family was making wine in the village where we had a small wine cellar. I have always dreamed of making a factory, which would offer customers a special quality product. The company was founded in 2012 and since that, we work a lot to improve the quality of wine every year. We pay very big attention to control whole process of winemaking.

I believe that with my team we will achieve great success.

The history of wine company "Mareuli" began in 2012 in the village of Sanavardo in the region Kakheti.

The company was founded by the Georgian businessman and a famous doctor Mr. Gocha Ingorokva.

Today, “Mareuli” owns 120 hectares of land, most of them are located in Kindzmarauli protected micro-zone. At the same time, the company on every harvest purchases more than 3,500 tons of high-quality, the best bunches of grapes from peasants, which after selection are sent to marani (wine cellar), where they undergo another selection. This allows us to produce more than 4 million high quality bottles per year.

In Georgia, wine plays an important role in public relations and the country's traditional hospitality, promoting friendly relations and obtaining a reputation. Our company strives to follow these traditions and is also focused on innovations - to improve the quality of our products.

Our company produces wines, brands, sparkling wine, and Chacha – Georgian vodka. All of them are made only from Georgian grapes varieties, using as well Georgian traditional method of winemaking, also European method.

Our goal is to boost the awareness of Georgian wine on the foreign market. We always try to introduce our wines to as many people as possible.

It is approved that Georgia is the cradle of wine, but most people from different countries do not know the real taste of Georgian wine.