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Wine Cellar

Wine fermentation in a Kvevri is one of the oldest tradition of production the high quality wines in Georgia. This tradition has existed for millennia. A wine jug (Kvevri) is an earthenware dish with a capacity of 30 to 3000 liters, which is buried in the ground at the very neck, thereby maintaining a constant temperature and coolness of the earth.

The place where wine is produced and stored is called Marani (wine cellar). Our Marani was built in 2018 and it is a beautiful place, where you can feel the true Georgian traditions.

Grape juice obtained after pressing the grapes is immediately placed in Kvevri. A vessel filled to the brim is covered with a lid of a mixture of clay and coal to prevent the appearance of microflora. 

Wine storage in Kvevri is possible for 4 years. The wines stored in this way are rich in tannin and have the aroma of sour cherries.

In our wine cellar you will discover 70 pieces of Kvevri’s, each of them with capacity of 2 tons

Wine cellar is also equipped with 200 pieces of French barrel oaks all of them filled with wine and spirit.

In our wine cellar you have the opportunity to taste delicious Georgian dishes with our wines, take part in different master classes and have a wonderful time that you will truly remember.