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"Mareuli" factory, which consists of 50 000 sq. meters is equipped with machines from the world’s leading companies, as are: "Della Toffola", "Krones" "Enoveneta" "Cavagnino & Gatti", "Seitz Enzinger Noli". In our winery, you will find a unique pouring line, which can fill up to 6000 bottles per hour. This helps us maintain production very quickly.

It is very important for us that the quality of the wine meets all standards. Accordingly, all of our wines undergo laboratory tests. The factory has a modern laboratory "GRAVITEC" which is certified by ISO22000 TUV SUD standard.

A lot of variety of grape and various climatic conditions gives us a possibility to produce high-quality products with their own characteristics. A special style of work and the development of wine production indicate a "lively" assortment. Highly qualified employees are constantly working to improve the quality of the wine.

At our factory, you will find the opened type pneumatic cushion press for white wine, closed type pneumatic cushion press for red wine, and continuous presses.

Our factory has a fermentation workshop equipped with the most modern Italian tanks. The biggest stainless steel tanks for wines, which we have now are 25 pieces of 32 ton and 10 pieces of 40 tanks.

To store brandy spirit we use 21 pieces of 120 tons stainless steel tanks, all of them equipped with shirts and mixers.

In our factory, you will meet 2 very big wine spirits distillers, one of them can distillate 5 tons of spirit in an hour, and the second can distillate 15 tons of spirits per hour.

15 ton's unit is a continuous press, which allows us to produce the highest quality product.

Therefore, our brandy spirit is of the highest quality and we have the ability to produce it in large quantities.